Let’s visit Numberland


Printed handbook incl. stories and songs (CD). 80 coloured pages.


Let’s visit Numberland – playfully discover the world of numbers

Your complete tour guide with lots of hands-on tips plus tales and songs for each number one to ten and songs, providing all you need to set the frame in which the good things happen:

Theoretical background – Practical ideas for the houses, numbers, gardens etc. – Tips on how to go about Numberland – Suggestions for the schedule. Also including number specific stories (numbers 1 to 10), activities and songs (with lyrics and music).

This book is a translation of the German long seller Komm mit ins Zahlenland, Herder Publishers, Freiburg 2011 with nearly 70k copies sold since first released 2004.

80 coloured pages with CD.

Let’s visit Numberland – playfully discover the world of numbers
Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer
ifvl Waldkirch 2010. ISBN-13: 978-3000315091

Gewicht 470 g
Größe 21 × 29.7 cm


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