Let’s visit Numberland – Book of Numbers


PDF-file with colouring and activity sheets for a Books of Numbers.

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A selection of colouring and activity sheets for a Books of Numbers as b/w templates printables.

Children love to be creative while travelling to Numberland. They cherish their Book of Numbers to collect their Numberland artwork and to document their visits. It is a neat way to connect maths with creativity and fine motor skills. It is also a beautiful documentation along the way.  🙂

For a Book of Numbers, a simple folder will do. In addition and to make things easier, we offer this proven and fun range of printable A4 sheets for foto-copying.

The focus is on motivating children to dive into creative work around their number friends, plus to organise and strengthen the knowledge they acquired, not to provide maths worksheets.

Cover, tables, activity sheets for each number, certificate.

50 pages, pdf-file


Let’s visit Numberland Book of Numbers
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